iSphere Global Inc.

Business and Technology Consultancy

Informed Advice

We serve our clients with the best consulting services by providing an array of concepts and solutions to meet their business goals in designing, developing and executing complex programs and projects. Our clients seek informed advice on their strategic decisions, program structure and execution methodology. As a service provider we provide Strategic and Technology Consulting to maximize profits by minimizing risk while increasing business performance and market value.

Proven Methodology

iSphere’s 3Wheel Consulting Methodology™ specifically designed for Banking and Credit Services has provided our clients with a wide range of flexible services acting as strategic levers in their decision making and execution.

Consulting Methodology

Business Expertise

Our consulting expertise extends across banking, credit businesses and supporting business platform intelligence, which provide end-to-end delivery of Product and System Launches. The approach is supplemented by our dynamic combination of Quality Practices, in-depth domain and technical expertise and has given our clients the best strategy execution platform.Picture 23


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