iSphere Global Inc.

Agile Services

iSphere Global understand that that every Delivery requires a different approach.  We will work with our clients to help them achieve success in their respective Agile journeys, whether it be for a specific Project Delivery or Organisational need.

With our Team of Agile professionals, iSphere Global provide a focussed, personable and collaborative service to understand the client’s Project goals, culture, people skill levels and working environment.  We then determine the strategy and capabilities required for accelerated delivery.

Agile coaching and consultancy

Our typical Agile professional assignment:

  • Provide a specialist, flexible, scalable and collaborative resourcing service
  • Scum, Kanban and lean practices
  • Agile and lean training, learning and development
  • Coach Agile and Lean delivery –execution across teams, projects, programs
  • Identify and organise organisational value streams
  • Scale software/product development using SAFe® and other bespoke methods
  • Effective agile workshops, meetings, events, stand-ups, planning and retrospectives
  • Agile Team health checks and teaching continuous improvements

 Agile coaching and consultancy

Further to coaching and consulting, iSphere Global offer certified and bespoke training in accordance to client needs.

  • SAFe®Agilist (SA) with Certification
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • General Agile training on mindset, principles, values and practices
  • Running Agile teams
  • Agile training for all roles, be it Delivery resources, Project Managers or Executives

SAFe® certification training – Upcoming Public Course