iSphere Global Inc.


BankingRich Foundation

While the world economy consolidates and depicts the future of collective and exponential growth, the Banking Industry is in a state of expansion with new opportunities and markets for new banking products and profits. With fierce competition, Banks are bound to launch new financial products to engage new customers, while retaining their existing customers.

Present and Future

The current trends and future predictions of virtual banking, contact less transaction systems, branch less banking, mobile banking and borderless exchange stress the importance of long term strategies and system enablement to support such frameworks.

Where are we placed?

iSphere Global, with in-depth knowledge of the banking business, wide-breadth knowledge of banking systems and insights of future trends establishes unparalleled practices to serve the Banking Industry.
iSphere offers services across various banking and system frameworks helping our clients in successful roll outs of core banking systems like Finacle™, Midanz ™,MIDAS™, Temenos™, Loan IQ™ to name a few. On a broader note, iSphere serves Core Banking, Retail Banking and Private Banking frameworks acting as a lever to accelerate strategies of our clients. Our application services are appreciated by our expertise in product and system launches.

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