iSphere Global Inc.

Quality Practices


iSphere Global follows best practices and methodologies to supplement our delivery model for unparalleled services to our clients. We follow industry used methodologies based on Six Sigma, AGILE, Waterfall SDLC Standards and PM Body of knowledge in our pursuit to achieve perfectionism in stable, consistent and high quality services.
Our documentation and control tools/templates lay the foundation for achieving measurable and quantifiable methodologies thus defining standards and continuous improvement of our deliverables. Our three dimensional competency of domain expertise, innovative and futuristic strategy and quality practices would mean reduced time to market for our clients.
iSphere uses the latest cost effective and efficient tools and software to execute projects within the quality frameworks and beyond.

SAS (Software as A Service) can be adopted during outsource arrangements, allowing our clients to focus on Opex costs as opposed of Capex ones.


Intranet Repository

iSphere has adopted OWL™ as it’s Intranet repository for project and document management. Owl is a web based, highly secured, multi-user knowledge base system which can be accessed remotely.

Testing Management

iSphere test engineers are competent in various test execution and management tools like Test Director, Test Track Pro, Bugzilla, Silkroute, Winrunner, Loadrunner to name a few. To reduce logistic and licensing expenses for clients, iSphere has adopted and customized Mantis™ as it’s Test Tracking tool. Clients can be provided with access to their project in Mantis, as well as to daily reports that can be generated for clients to make the process transparent.

Business Continuity

iSphere gives high importance to Business Continuity to provide our client with uninterrupted and smooth service. All the iSphere associates are provided with Dell Laptops with secured access to business system thus giving our clients round the clock support from remote locations. A two shield back up for each resource is always in place in case of emergency supplemented with a Resource Contact List with mobile and pager numbers if required. The Offshore Centre in Manila is provided with all the Business Continuity facilities. Our secured internal servers in Manila and Melbourne are backed up daily in order to prevent data loss by any means.

Information Security

iSphere has adopted global standards for information security management systems and methodologies. We serve our clients from offshore by adopting the client provided Virtual Private Network, which is supplemented by high end network firewalls and rule administration deployed by iSphere. The state of the art offshore facility in Manila is provided with bio-metric security. We have information security practices in place and training associates on information security is a part of our New Associate Training Program.

Competency Acceleration and Training

iSphere Global’s asset lies in the intellectual knowledge of its associates. We support our associates to enhance their intellectual competency by offering internally designed training programs as well as leveraging external programs. This gives them space for forward thinking and competency acceleration. Our training platform covers various domains from personal soft skills to technical certification. As a part of our Quality Practices framework, we also have New Associate Training Program as well as Fresher Training Program, to train our associate on iSphere Quality Practices, usage of templates, client communication, role synergies to name a few. Our associates have obtained various accredited certifications from product providers in respective service verticals.


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