iSphere Global Inc.

Why iSphere Global?

iSphere Global emerged out of passion and firmly believes in collective growth along with our clients and partners by providing cost effective services while maintaining high standards of quality and deliverable. We have earned the right for consideration because

We care

iSphere firmly believes in partnerships and will always work with you as much as for you.

We are cost effective

iSphere can and does leverage low cost options whenever possible to provide quality solutions at the right price.

We are experienced

If it is within your banking, credit card and risk management systems, iSphere has done it before – and with key success stories to support our claims.

Our clients appreciate our work

iSphere constantly strives to be in budget and on time and our clients benefit from our efforts. Regional CIO’s, country IT Heads, local project owners have all sent unsolicited expressions of appreciation for iSphere’s contributions to their systematic deliveries .

We are culturally sensitive

iSphere’s team is drawn from many cultures – both national and institutional – and readily adapts to the working culture of our client base. This is important in all regions and iSphere blends in to minimize friction and to maximize deliveries.


Email our engagement specialists for any specific business discussion.